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When my child chose that she wanted a pet, I had thought she would have picked something like a hamster or perhaps a rabbit! But no, I took her to the store and she wished to have a dragon. Not a ferret or anything even remotely with fur, however a bearded dragon. On one hand, I was quite cheerful. I’ve had bearded dragons when I was just a young guy, before I started a family. These lizards can live for a long period of time if you take care of them properly, and they’re pretty easy as far as reptiles go… Unlike the tropical geckos, they don’t require a humidifier to keep the environment at the right humidity level, nor do they have the pickiest of diets. They’re also pretty tame and calm, so they’re fantastic for young kids to handle. The only complication is the heat. A bearded dragon resides in the desert… Even with a heat lamp for him to warm up with, our lake dwelling was not being heated high enough to keep him content. So, I told my little girl we could keep him, however for now she would have to be in the bedroom for the first few months. When I took him to our dwelling, I set up her tank right next to the radiator for the central furnace. This way she gets the heat the very moment it’s produced separate from waiting. In 2 months, I’ll have my bonus and we can install the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device zone control in my daughter’s actual room. Then she can be around her little dragon all the time.

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