The play’s air conditioner and heater

My friends as well as I are area of the city theater group. Our favorite subject was drama class when the two of us were in school. We have a theater show more than three times every year. We always have a great time, as well as the community is undoubtedly supportive of the project. We have performed a lot of strange plays, such as dramas, comedies, as well as even a few passionate love stories… My neighbor Sally is almost always in charge of the lighting, as well as I find an acting area here as well as there. Then it’s a great deal of fun, during this season, the two of us have been rehearsing a unique type of play! This play will include dramatic weather effects. It will supply the audience a 4D type of experience. We are going to use the temperature control to create a Winter scene. We will be able to adjust the rapidly increasing temperatures quickly, as well as the audience will feel chilly during the Winter scenes. When the season during the play is warmer, the two of us will adjust the temperature so most people in the audience feels warm just as the characters do. We have been practicing these effects a lot, because the two of us need to think when to adjust the temperature. In order to create the right type of effect, everything must be perfect. My best neighbor is the lead in the play, as well as I think she will do a great job! She has been practicing her lines every night, as well as she knows her lines word for word. This show will be our most prolific production, as well as I think the audience will like all of our special effects.

climate control