The college class

College was a rather memorable experience for me. I had my share of friends, but I have typically been the bookworm type of person. There were particular aspects of university that I appreciated more than most would care to take notice of. The library plus laptop lab, for example, was rather expansive, fully decked out, plus kept at a charming temperature throughout the year, no matter how sizzling or frigid it was outside. When it came to which rooms you ended up taking your classes in, it was almost like a lottery of sorts. By my junior year, I recognized which buildings plus room numbers signified the absolute best classrooms with the best Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device. I majored in history, plus there was a certain professor teaching a few classes that everybody really enjoyed. Her classes were unquestionably entertaining plus she managed to facilitate some of the most fascinating discussions I have ever taken part in. During the semester of our junior year, I managed to snag a class with this lady, plus I was looking forward to it, not the least reason of which was that she also would end up in one of the best rooms in a building with one of the best climate control devices on the entire campus.This was one of those tiered rooms that had a ton of space plus a giant plus fancy projector, so almost everyone was able to see the class notes clearly plus the bunch of us could watch documentaries also. Despite how giant the room happened to be, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device was wonderful plus the bunch of us were typically in comfort. The heating device was great in January plus February plus the A/C device was divine as the Springtime took over! Great times, plus excellent climate control, I must say.

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