Staying home from work

I consider myself to be a faithful worker at my job, and sometimes it gets a little crazy. I have a lot of friends where I work so sometimes it can get to be like a little gathering of pals when I am working, but we work hard. Every now & then though, I believe undoubtedly entitled to goof off a bit. I don’t do it too often, however that has the point; People have come to see me as a very responsible person at work, & I figure that every now & then, I can take advantage of that… Take last Wednesday, for instance, and when I got up that afternoon, I could already see the frost in the grass of our front yard & covering our family SUV from the home office window. The afternoon news said that it was 33 degrees outside as I sipped my cup of coffee, & appreciated the warmth from the furnace. I had a terrifying wild idea in my head, however do I honestly need to go into labor this week, I asked myself? I shook it off & got dressed, however after that I stepped outside. It was honestly freezing cold. I stared up my SUV, realizing that it was easily going to take like 20 minutes to crank up the heat to get the ice off the windows! After less than 30 seconds of considering things, I turned & went right back into my home & shut the door. The furnace felt really good when I went back in, & that sealed the deal. It was time to kick back in the warmth of our home & have myself a more than two day weekend all together!

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