Losing the gas furnace

My gas furnace abruptly stopped functioning in the middle of last February, plus I thought I was entirely in for it! Mind you, this was our first year residing in a Northeastern neighborhood in which snow was rather prevalent! I had come from a section of the Midwest that hardly ever saw frosty winters, much less snow. I was very much familiar with tepid summers plus the need for a powerful plus reliable a/c device, but I had hardly ever needed to use a furnace, or entirely any type of heating in the neighborhood that I was raised in. When a lucrative business option opened up in the Northeast, I couldn’t help but brave the frosty temperatures plus set up shop up there, so to speak. Luckily, I arrived just before things entirely started dipping, temperature wise. Everything was moved in plus I was all set up by Halloween, plus in the first week of October, I had someone come out from a Heating and A/C device corporation to check on our Heating and A/C device, particularly our gas furnace. I paid for some routine repair plus was assured that everything was basically ready for the winter season. Everything was going well until the middle of February, plus then the gas furnace just would not labor when I tried to use it. I reached out to the same Heating and A/C device worker who had worked on the furnace in October, plus what she discovered made myself and others feel rather sheepish. It turns out the complication was as simple as the pilot light going out! The Heating and A/C device worker was gracious enough to show myself and others how to light the pilot free of charge, plus at least now I am aware!