Don’t want to leave the heating equipment

We are having bad snow in my city right now, and everyone I have talked to is going off the wall nuts because all the stores plus roads in neighborhood are closed. No one can leave their homes to do anything! Thankfully, my other half always prepares ahead of time for these situations, both of us have enough batteries as well as nonperishable goods to last a lifetime.  However, in this case I can’t make fun of my other half because her over preparedness really came in handy this time when something happened, however she also made sure to call our local Heating & Air Conditioning corporation to make sure our heating system was tuned up, checked up as well as working respectfully before the snowstorm hit. Thankfully, the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation said everything was in perfect working condition plus the two of us didn’t have to worry about our heating system breaking down or making it through the storm. Both of us were 1 of the only houses on the block that had a working heating as well as cooling unit while in the storm so the two of us invited anyone that could get through the snow to come over and enjoy an evening plus toasty warm home. Both of us only had a couple of friends stop by because the rest of our neighbors couldn’t get out of their houses cause of all the snow. The snow was so high that they had to wait for it to melt before they would leave the homes. I am so blissfully over the moon as well as the sky that didn’t happen to us! After this storm I never want to leave our nice plus warm home again! That is for real and for sure!

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