Ac when in the kitchen

I totally appreciate cooking, it has always been my number one activity, plus boy is it a practical one! Old time tradition says it’s expected of a housewife to be the regular cook, but I take it a step further. I’m a bona fide master chef in the kitchen environment! It’s not even that my husband refuses to cook for himself, he has a real hard time with it. I don’t really know what the man would do without me. The crazy thing is, his mom is truly a fabulous cook too! I do not know, I suppose he was too tied up watching pigskin in the den with his dad instead of watching his mother cook during those Sundays… When I’m cooking up a storm in the kitchen environment, I actually appreciate a wonderful air conditioner device, especially in the summer, as you would expect. That is why when our A/C device broke down this past June, it took quite an effort to cook any meal in that horrible heat! Both of us wouldn’t have the funds needed to repair the a/c device for the rest of the month, plus we had a few months to go… Both of us ended up eating out for dinner far more often than not during those excruciating months. When the first month of August eventually came plus we reached out to a Heating plus A/C device worker to toil on our a/c, we were relieved plus anticipating the nice, cool breeze blowing from our air vents once more. Sure enough, it took about an hour, however by the time she left, we were in air-conditioned heaven once more, plus it was time to start dinner!