It’s time for us to help

Life up north is beautiful and appealing, however it is not simple, and Winter is no exception. This time of year, both of us often experience un-even temperatures plummeting below zero, feet of snow, and numerous inches of ice. Things hot up during the day to a slush, only to refreeze and become solid ice the hour the sun goes down at 4pm. Our nights are incredibly short, so you need to run your lights more and often drink more caffeine to avoid hitting the midday slump. The lack of natural light makes it simple to become tired, however if you nap then you won’t fall asleep at night. And of course, as if your house wasn’t enough work, you need to make sure you labor plenty of hours at your actual task in order to stay warm, your central oil furnace will need to run pretty much 24/7 for 8 months of the year in order to keep you safe and warm. That’s why at the start of every fall, I always make sure to have the whole heating and cooling plan looked over by our local Heating and AC dealer. They check through the whole oil furnace, making sure that every component is working perfectly. In doing so, the Heating and A/C service girl can catch little complications before they become so much worse. This way, I don’t have to worry about paying a ton of currency out of pocket for an emergency Heating and A/C repair off the clock. With annual Heating and A/C service, I can rest simple knowing that our oil furnace is good to go all Winter long.

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