I am saving energy

This year, the weather has been colder than ever before. I have lived here for 35 years, and I don’t remember seeing this much snow and ice. I haven’t seen the grass in months, because the ice and snow are so thick. We have enjoyed snow showers each week, since the beginning of December. That is a record amount of snowfall, for the first month of winter. It didn’t slow down during January or February either, and we had two record breaking cold nights. It’s barely March now, and we are still experiencing cold and frigid temperatures overnight. When the furnace stopped producing warm heat, I contacted the local supply store. The furnace repair technician said it was time to buy a new furnace. With a month of cold weather left, I’ve been trying to wait it out. The furnace repair shop always has a huge sale right before summer. They try to get rid of last year’s heating equipment, so they can make room for all of the new A/C units. Even though the temperatures are very cold, I decided to wait. It’s been frigid and cold each night, but I bought a really nice electric space heater for my bedroom. I use the electric space heater all night long. I turn on the space heater a few hours before going to bed. The bedroom feels warm and toasty, and I don’t miss the furnace at all. When last year’s furnaces go on sale, I’ll have a new one installed. Until then, I’m going to keep using the space heater and hope for warmer weather.

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