Different types of temperatures

My HVAC system had been malfunctioning for awhile, but I never thought it was a big deal until this summer. I hadn’t gotten a regular check up on the HVAC for a really long time, maybe two years. I kept putting it off because summers here tend to be pretty short, and I thought that I could just wait it out. The lukewarm air conditioning wasn’t that bad, and our heating system still worked, so I thought it would fine because winter was just around the corner. However, this summer, I gave birth to precious newborn child. I love her tons, even sometimes she can be quite high matinence. For instance, it seemed that whenever the sun shined even a little bit, she’d burst into tears, refusing to stop crying until hours of lullabies later. Her sensitivity to the summer weather concerned my husband very much. He thought that we could seriously be endangering her health if we didn’t repair our A/C unit. In all honesty, I thought he was being overly paranoid, but in the end, I agreed to hire a HVAC technician to take a look at our air conditioning system. Turned out the solution was simple: the air cooling registers were extremely clogged, and a few coils needed to be replaced because right now there was a blockage that was making it impossible for cold air to flow out. I’m so glad that I hired an HVAC technician because a few days later there was actually an emergency heat wave announcement in my town. A few people actually died from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I can’t help but think that my newborn baby could have been placed the same dangerous situation if we hadn’t fixed our HVAC system that quickly.

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