Advanced efficiency

One of the favorite homes I’ve ever rented was a beautiful 1940s-era Colonial in New England. While most of the house was heated via a gas furnace, one room was not. At one point in time, a previous owner had turned a three seasons porch into a second living room. The room was gorgeous and had these beautiful dark wood built-in bookcases, so it instantly became the library. We were a little worried it would be drafty though, as converted porches are notoriously drafty depending on the year they were done and the building codes during that time period. However, this odd little library ex-porch became the warmest room in the house. That’s because the old owner had not wanted to add another zone of gas heating. Back then we’re fairly certain the house was still on oil before our landlord bought it and made the switch. To avoid the hassle, they cleverly put baseboards right at the edge of all of the bookcases, and even on the window seat. Because the zone only heated the one room, it would warm up in minutes thanks to the quick electric heater. That library became my favorite place at all hours of the day and night, and my roommates’ favorite place in the mornings. When it was bitterly cold, we would curl up in there on the couch or the window seat with our morning coffee and warm up with the electric furnace before going about our day. Adding an HVAC zone control, even if it is a little like ours was, can really help to keep you warm in winter, without spending too much money trying to heat the whole home.