We won’t go near that

I have been absolutely working for a tied up heating plus cooling business for several years. Every morning is different, plus every morning I am faced with challenges. Usually they are mechanical related, but occasionally they are shopper related. Some customers expect us to perform task for free. I try to deliver our heating plus cooling shopper good service, but I have to account for all of the pieces plus parts. My truck is stocked plus inventoried each morning. If I use a piece of heating tubing, it needs to be charged to someone. If air conditioning system pieces plus parts are missing, our business knows the same morning. If I forget to inventory a whole-home air purifier product, they ask the next morning. Yesterday, a shopper asked me repair the air conditioning system for money. I told him that was impossible. He wanted me to lower the price plus repair the cooling problem for a discount. He told me the name of a different heating plus cooling corporation who had performed this repair in the past. That heating plus cooling corporation was still our employee. I politely excused myself from the beach house plus contacted our boss. I told our boss everything the shopper told me. He asked me to leave the property plus deliver him the telephone number for the customer. I know that our boss drove to the property that day to discuss the situation. This morning, there is a big poster on the bulletin board. There are anti theft directions listed next to the  the employee code of conduct. I know our fellow heating plus cooling corporation may have been fired, because I did not see him at the morning meeting.

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