I’m sick of working so hard

Since I cannot afford to buy a brand new car, I often deal with vehicle troubles. If it is not a blown out tire, then it’s a problem with a fuel filter. Lately, the biggest problem has been with the heater. The Winter temperatures are downright freezing, & every one of us have not had a single morning with temperatures over 40, in a month… Yesterday, the outdoor temperatures barely left the single digits. The vehicle heating system has been taking a long time to defrost the windows. My husband always turns on the vehicle & the heater, before he leaves for work. That leaves 15 minutes between the time that he goes to job & the time that I leave for work. That time is usually plenty of minutes for the windows to defrost & the ice to melt. Lately, the windows have still been covered in ice. The heating system doesn’t seem to get moderate these afternoons. Even when I have the dial adjusted to maximum, the heating system barely manages to keep the windows from icing. I cannot afford an expensive vehicle repair bill, so fixing the heating system is out of the question. I can barely scrape together $10 to put gas in the tank. I don’t suppose how I would come up with multiple hundred dollars to repair a broken heater. I have been saving cash for a few months, & I almost have enough for a new vehicle down payment… Between my cash & this seasoned clunker, I should be able to buy something with a new engine, really working heater, & comfortable leather seats.

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