I love the industry I work in

Since I can’t afford to buy a brand new car, I often deal with car troubles. If it isn’t a blown out tire, then it’s a problem with a fuel filter. Lately, the biggest problem has been with the heater. The winter temperatures are downright frigid, and we haven’t had a single day with temperatures over 40, in a month. Yesterday, the outdoor temperatures barely left the single digits. The car heater has been taking a long time to defrost the windows. My wife always turns on the car and the heater, before she leaves for work. That leaves 15 minutes between the time that she goes to work and the time that I leave for work. That time is usually plenty of minutes for the windows to defrost and the ice to melt. Lately, the windows have still been covered in ice. The heater doesn’t seem to get warm these days. Even when I have the dial adjusted to maximum, the heater barely manages to keep the windows from icing. I can’t afford an expensive car repair bill, so fixing the heater is out of the question. I can barely scrape together $10 to put gas in the tank. I don’t know how I would come up with several hundred dollars to repair a broken heater. I have been saving money for a few months, and I almost have enough for a new car down payment. Between my cash and this old clunker, I should be able to buy something with a new engine, working heater, and comfortable leather seats.

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