Getting my body temperature back to normal

I recently had to have dental surgery.  I didn’t recognize that I was having surgery when I went to the medical professional.  I just thought that they were going to fix a tooth that I had broken last week. They did their normal x-rays plus the cleaning plus the medical professional came into the room.  He looked at my x-rays plus said that he wasn’t doing any dental job this week. I just looked at him plus I told him that I had the cash, which made him laugh. I sat there distraught plus getting cold.  I was beginning to shiver plus told me it was from the fever. I wasn’t running a fever. I told him they just needed to turn up the control unit. It was so chilly in the dental office, that most of the patients were wearing their coats while in the procedures.  He said they were used to the control machine being turned lower. It helped in case there was any bleeding, plus the cooler uneven temperatures helped because all the people get warmer when they are nervous. I get chilly plus begin to shiver plus I wanted some heat.  He told me there was an infection in my jaw plus he wanted to drain the infection plus shoot some antibiotics into the jaw. Now I was shivering to the point where my teeth were chattering. I told him I wanted my coat plus the control machine turned up before he began.  If I hadn’t heard the heating system running, I would not have reMained in that chair. He upped the temperature on the control unit, plus by the time I was sizzling again, he had my jaw all numbed.

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