The thermostat was an issue

I got in a big argument the other day for the first time in my whole life. I’ve been in shouting matches a couple of times, however that was usually with my partner or with a single of my siblings. This time, I easily nearly came to blows with someone that I didn’t even know! Before you start thinking that I’m a legitimately violent man by nature, let myself and others tell you what happened. I had been having some concerns with my heating and A/C plan in my apartment and the heat in our area had been crazy. The temperature outside was well into the nineties and of course, that’s when the A/C plan decided to conk out on myself and others and stop not working completely. I’m not a man who does well in the heat, and I had paid a small fortune for a state of the art central A/C plan when I moved into our house. I wanted that special state of the art A/C plan just because I can’t sit being hot. It makes myself and others so mad and uncomfortable that I just get crabby and mean. Well, when my A/C stopped now working, I instantly called my local heating and A/C company to come out and service it. I told them I didn’t care if I had to pay for an emergency fees. Then the Heating and A/C tech didn’t show up for hours and hours but he was supposed to be there in thirty hours! By the time he showed up in his Heating and A/C company van, I was so furious and sizzling that I grabbed his arm and dragged him in the door to my house! I think I scared him when I pushed him against the wall and told him to service my A/C right then or I was going to be forced to hurt him!

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