Fighting with my air conditioner

I got in a immense fight the other day for the first time in our whole life. I’ve been in shouting matches a couple of times, but that was usually with our fiance or with 1 of our sisters. This time, I legitimately nearly came to blows with someone that I didn’t even know! Before you start thinking that I’m a certainly violent woman by nature, let me tell you what happened. I had been having some complications with our heating plus air conditioner plan in our house plus the heat in our area had been crazy. The temperature outside was well into the nineties plus of course, that’s when the air conditioner plan decided to conk out on me plus stop working completely. I’m not a woman who does well in the heat, plus I had paid a small fortune for a state of the art central air conditioner plan when I moved into our house. I wanted that special state of the art air conditioner plan just because I can’t rest being hot. It makes me so mad plus uncomfortable that I just get crabby plus mean. Well, when our cooling system stopped working, I right away called our local heating plus air conditioner company to come out plus maintenance it. I told them I didn’t care if I had to pay for an emergency fees. Then the HVAC tech didn’t show up for hours plus hours although she was supposed to be there in thirty fourths! By the time she showed up in her HVAC company van, I was so furious plus sizzling that I grabbed her arm plus dragged him in the door to our house! I think I scared him when I pushed him against the wall plus told him to maintenance our cooling system right then or I was going to be forced to hurt him!

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