A bonus room that needs heating

We’ve recently found ourselves in the market for a new space heater. We have this one room up above our garage that just won’t stay heated or cooled no matter what we do. We actually had that new kind of blow-in insulation installed in the room and we’ve hung tapestries and blankets along the walls, along with installing thick carpeting and lining the windows with that film you can buy in hardware stores. But nothing really seems to work up there. Even though the HVAC system is installed in the bonus room above the garage, it just doesn’t seem to work up there. There are air vents and heating vents in the ceiling and in the floors of the room, but the heating and cooling systems just don’t heat and cool the room. I guess it’s not as big of a deal in the summertime, but we are having guests next week and it’s the middle of winter. We wanted to put them in the bonus room above the garage, but I went out there to clean and I noticed that the temperature up there is absolutely freezing, even with the thermostat set pretty high and with the furnace running. I really don’t want our guests freezing to death out there when they’re just trying to get a good night’s sleep, so today I’m going to the local HVAC company to see what sort of small space heater they might recommend. I’m thinking about getting one of those newer infrared systems that I’ve been reading about. I hope it will work!

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