This is why I financed the system

When I lived in the midwest, summer was my favorite season by far.   Our winters were dominated by weather consisting of miserably cold and rainy afternoons and evenings.  Despite living in temperatures close to zero degrees some days, we had little snow many years as a visual pay off for all of the intensely cold weather.  So by the time the spring thaw was over and temperatures began to rise into the 80s, I felt like I was in heaven. We got by with a small and modest window air conditioner to keep the whole house cool when it got particularly hot outside.  But when I moved to the south, summer became a source of constant anguish and frustration over my energy consumption and my endless struggle to stay comfortable. I expect my air conditioner to run constantly throughout the day when I get into early July, but there are noticeable 15 to 20 minute breaks in between each cycle.  When the breaks got shorter and shorter, I grew worried that something serious was wrong with my air conditioner. I called my heating and cooling supplier and they sent out a repairman within a few hours to diagnose the problems with my system. While I was fearing the worst, the technician discovered that the problem was as simple and straightforward as simply topping off my refrigerant in my air conditioning system.  Over time this coolant slowly depletes and needs to be refilled otherwise you risk freezing up your system and having it shut down completely, which apparently was not far off in my horizon if I had ignored the issues and not called a specialist to come out. The technician even serviced the rest of my HVAC system for free and only charged me for the initial service call and the coolant. It’s important to address issues like these head on from the start.