A custom section of the apartment

I have a few friends who like to joke with me about my older home. For some reason, many of my friends like to have bigger and newer things. For me though, I am quite content with smaller and older things. Of course, a bigger and newer house would be great to own. However, I don’t need the extra space most of the time. Perhaps if I get married and have kids it might be an issue, however for now it is exactly what I am looking to own. In fact, the limited size saves me a lot of money and time on my home, including its heating and cooling. At least it should. Of course though, with an older home things will break down over time. So then, when I noticed my heating and cooling bill being unusually high, I decided to do some investigating into the issue. As a person who is pretty methodical about everything they do, I knew that it wasn’t because I was lowering the thermostat more than usual. I do run my A/C a bit more in the summer, thanks to the heat of a southern summer, but I know what to expect on my bill when I do. I assumed then that if my A/C was really working that much harder, then every room in my house should be refreshingly cool. However, instead I noticed that a back room was just about as warm as it was outside! So then, how could my heating and cooling usage be higher than ever before, yet my home be warmer than it ever was too? It turns out the air duct in that room had a tear in it.  I guess that’s a problem that comes with older homes.

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