The best is all I want

You know, there’s a lot of incredible technology out there. My associate has long been our source of envy for these expensive tech gadgets, as he & his wife are constantly improving their appliances & other household items. When they first moved in next to our home, there was a numerous week-long phase of time where crews were on & off the property, excavating the soil & placing these long pipes in the ground. At first I thought they were kneeling new pipes in the ground, but that home was only a decade old – there was no way they already needed new plumbing! That’s when I asked our associate about it, & he thrilledly explained: It was the core of his geothermal heat pump! See, you & I would normally use a central heating & A/C plan that involves using an outdoor air conditioning unit, & a gas furnace that would be housed in the basement. With a geothermal heat pump, the soil acts as the source of heat while in the Wintertide & air conditioning while in the summer. We live in a region of the country where the more than three seasons are genuinely distinguished by the weather, so the geothermal heat pump approach is best suited in this climate. By using the flow of water through the pipes in the soil, the more neutral temperature found in that soil is pulled into the house. That’s how the stadium becomes cooler in the summer, as heat is transferred out of the house. Just as well, the Wintertide time causes heat to be pulled from that soil & back into the house. It’s incredible technology to see installed, but even better to use! Now I’m envious of our neighbor’s incredibly low utility bills thanks to that geothermal heat pump.

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