I have grown up a lot

For some of us, we never get over our childhood fear of the doctor’s office. Maybe it’s the perpetually cold waiting room and patient rooms, where it seems that the air conditioning system is set to sixty degrees all year long. If that isn’t it, maybe it’s just the anxiety of knowing I’m going to be poked and prodded for an hour. Either way, I can’t stand going to the doctor! My most recent visit to the doctor was a particularly rough trip, as I was suffering from a bad case of the flu in conjunction with a bad ear infection. Between the symptoms of both illnesses, I was in a lot of pain – but the shivering was the worst part! I knew it was going to be cold in the doctor’s office, so I wore thick pants and two layers of warm fleece jackets into the office. Despite dressing for the artificial winter in the office, I was still shivering within ten minutes of signing in! My doctor came and saw me after about twenty minutes of shivering violently in the waiting room, and I was quick to tell him all about how the A/C system needs to be turned off for a minute. I explained my symptoms, and how the doctor’s office was a terrible environment for my symptoms! He sympathized with me, as my doctor promised he’d grab a cup of hot coffee for me when he was done checking me out. As suspected, I had the flu as well as an ear infection, so my doctor prescribed medication to treat both at once. At that point, I was eager to get back home and turn on the electric furnace for my house to provide some heat. Just as well, I piled logs in my fireplace and started a fire, resting my butt and back in front of the open flame to warm up and thaw out.

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