A cold day at the office

Last weekend when our heating system broke down in the winter months, I was definitely freaking out. I felt like I might have a panic attack because I realized that the HVAC companies during this time of year are typically swamped and I didn’t want to deal with that type of headache. I guess I had no choice though because I failed to get my HVAC system tune-up in the fall months, and here we were now without a proper heating system. The place was starting to cool down at a rapid pace and I knew I had to do something fast. Well, the first thing I did was call my father because I figured he would know what to do in case of an emergency. My parents have a tight bond with their grandchildren, so they would die before letting us freeze! My father said he would be on his way asap. Then I called the HVAC company to see how quickly I could get an HVAC technician over to our household. They said that unless we opted for emergency service, we would have to wait for about a week. I knew that I couldn’t afford the cost of emergency service, so I arranged for the repair appointment in a week. I had a feeling that my parents had us covered. Sure enough, when they arrived, my father asked me to help him bring in all the infrared space heaters. I didn’t know anything about infrared heating systems, but these things were powerful and energy efficient. My father was telling me that they actually heat the objects and people in the room before anything else which allows them to be so energy efficient. He said the damage wouldn’t hurt on my energy bill while we waited for our HVAC repair appointment.

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