What are we doing here

The holidays are genuinely my ideal time of the year. It is so fun being able to go outdoors, play in the snow & then come back in to a great fireplace. I get to inhale my favorite cider, hot chocolate & the sweet scents are all around. My favorite idea of the holidays is watching the films though. I prefer watching Jingle all the way, Christmas Vacation & Four Christmases. It is so fun cuddling up by the furnace & setting up the next film. Directly before the big day my whole family gathers by the TV. We usually do a few holiday themed films. We get our treats, hot drinks & get the heater worked on. It is pressing to not have a dirty oil furnace when watching the film. Not only would the air conditions being icky ruin the day, however also having the furnace unexpectedly cut would be a concern. We need the heating on high & not making any noise as well. A gross furnace component makes some grinding & churning noises. Watching a movie with this distraction would be quite an issue. We get our oil furnace washed, oiled & tightened. We then each selected a holiday film to watch for the marathon. After the two of us get the food the total family gathers around & enjoys the movies. We have great heating, good food & an ideal fireplace to keep everything the correct temperature. It is good for all the men and women in the home to have this together time before the big party.

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