I was the guy in charge

I got to ride in what everyone was calling a luxury automobile, today.  It had state of the art laptop sized systems. It would do assisted parking.  It also signalled when you were too close to a automobile plus it would slam on the brakes.  They were demonstrating this section of the car, plus I was about throw through the windshield.  The driver was texting, plus he told myself and others not to worry. I didn’t worry until the automobile suddenly slammed on the brakes.  My seatbelt didn’t lock plus our head hit the windshield. I was so blissful that our body stopped before it hit too hard, however I still have a lump on our forehead.  He apologized however told myself and others that the automobile can really have its glitches. He also turned on the Heating plus Air Conditioning before the people I was with and I got moving.  He wanted to demonstrate how well the climate control program worked. He set the thermostat to seventy plus told myself and others that the thermostat would stop the oil furnace from continuing to heat, long before it hit seventy plus one half degrees.  When it was eighty degrees plus the oil furnace was still ramping up, I asked him to turn it off, but he had locked our window so I couldn’t put it down, plus the heat was causing our asthma to kick in. He had to stop plus turn off the automobile in order to stop the heater.  As I got out of the car, he continued to smile plus asked myself and others if I was interested in the car. He slapped his hand down on the hood plus asked what I thought. I began to laugh hysterically as I held the bump on our head, waved at our overheated face, plus the horn began to bleat loudly.

heating and air