Those older homes are gorgeous

Though these little women are some of the pickiest children on the planet, I love our numerous daughters to the ends of the earth and back! From their food to their clothes to even how they wear their hair, everything has to be just perfect to their particular wants. However when all of us took them shopping for furniture for our current home, I don’t know why all of us expected things to be any different… Our little ladies will have their own study rooms for the first time, so they’re both very excited to no longer be fighting over the bunks and instead have rooms of their very own. I was hoping this excitement would translate into an straight-forward shopping trip–no such luck. No matter how numerous furniture stores all of us went to, nothing would appease either girl! However one wanted a princess bed with her own little tapestry hanging down, while the other one wanted an adventure bed–a bed that was lifted so she could sleep by the ceiling and play underneath. I’m so thankful for my fiance for thinking of taking the ladies to the custom built furniture store. The designers here took the time to talk to our ladies and design the perfect beds for them. Our eldest child got a princess bed with a tapestry that hangs over the top, pink and unquestionably gorgeous, meanwhile our youngest had a custom made bed which is lofted above, and even has monkey bars beneath for her to play on. The bed is made to be so sturdy that all of us never worry about her playing with it.

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