That night time weather is okay

It’s the most lovely time of the year… right? Well, I’m not feeling super joyful & communal these afternoons as I sit at my computer, desperately pounding on the keyboard, I can tell you that. In my case, it sure feels care about the season is ripe with extra stress & work, rather than holiday spirit & joy. I think I shouldn’t complain too much, because at least all this extra effort is going to a nice cause that will absolutely enhance the holidays. Yes, I’m absolutely working nonstop these afternoons at many separate tasks so I can afford to have correct heating this Christmas; On a normal basis, the two of us have trouble paying for our yearly utility bills, especially when the outdoor air temperature demands continual Heating & Air Conditioning intervention. During the holidays, but, it’s so much worse than before. The two of us use so much extra heat to keep the condo comfortable while in the family holidays & routine trips in & out of the condo for gifts. The oil furnace is on call always, powering on & off every time the indoor air temperature dips below the expected temperature settings. Our oil furnace is getting older & less efficient with each passing Christmas, & this year I’m actually terrified that the power is going to shut off on the coldest morning of the season. Instead of rolling the dice on a cold & dark holiday, I’m absolutely working my butt off to receive that extra money for the energy supplier & our Heating & Air Conditioning savings account. It’s not the most festive lead up to the holidays, however either is standing in cold cold air on the sizable morning.

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