That made my day

I strive to live like an authentic outdoorsman. I love the lifestyle so much that during the winter instead of vacationing in a beach house I spend my time in a decent-sized cabin atop a mountain. The log cabin is secluded deep in the wilderness but is also close enough to society that I can find what I need in less than an hour, unless I’m snowed in. I consistently take special care to double-check I have all the necessary supplies to prepare for a winter snowstorm. At first, however, I wanted to  maintain an old fashioned cabin devoid of modern forms of heat. It was a novel challenge to have nothing except a large hearth in the main room to keep me warm and cozy on bone-chilling winter evenings. Additionally, I cooked most of my food on the hearth. The first winter season I spent in my cabin, the hearth setup appeared successful. The large fireplace kept me toasty warm in the main room, although the warmth subsided the further away I got from the furnace, such as in my study room. Over time, I got a space oil furnace for my study room to help with the temperature. I told myself that it was fine because I was only cheating a little bit on avoiding current heating methods. But then, a massive snowstorm struck, and snow hailed down for two nights straight. Whimpering, I huddled inches away from my hearth, before running out of firework on the second night. I could not brave the snow to chop down more wood. I was afraid I’d die in the storm. After that horrifying experience, I promised myself to purchase some sort of contemporary heating system. Not too much later, I chose radiant floor heating.

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