My home looks like the dream of a minimalist

I knew it would take a lot of task before it could become my own, when I bought my little home on the lake… But I’ve never had the need for a lot of fancy things or a ton of money, but as a writer I do own a lot of books. I knew I could find creative ways to display them if I looked hard enough… Sadly, the retail stores I went to didn’t have anything that particularly inspired me. However the few things that would do the task were just the same outdated metal shelves that I had been using at old rentals since time plus memoriam. I wanted something different–something which spoke to myself and this old lake house. I planned to live in this lake home for a truly long time; the furniture I put in it needs to be something that every afternoon will make me smile. One of my new neighbors was nice enough to direct myself and others to the custom made furniture store. This little mom plus pop shop has been in the supplier of building custom furniture for all of the houses on the lake for over fifty years. The designers had no problem finally working with my rustic but transitional style, a term they explained was what I was looking for. The two of us went for a more raw wood for the shelves that could particularly show off the wood grain, plus left all of it completely unstained so I could prefer the natural plus organic color of the wood. However not only did they find the ways to organize my books I never would, but they even came over to both deliver plus install all of the organizing units as soon as they were done. I thought custom built furniture was just for the upper class, but they brought my rustic sense of style to life.

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