I guess I ignored too many facts

My partner was really worried about having enough wood for the fireplace this year.  When it gets really freezing outside, we often use the fireplace to help supplement with the gas furnace.  This saves us a lot of money on purchasing fuel for the gas furnace. Both of us live on a mountain, and there is never a lack of downed wood for the fireplace.  The older trees are typically coming down in windstorms, in an effort to make room for the younger and more hardy trees. It isn’t appreciate we are splitting trees down, it is just the outdated wood.  This year, we didn’t get out to gather wood, and he was worried that we would not have enough for the Wintertime. Both of us are already a month into Wintertime and we haven’t used the fireplace. Once in a while, Mother Nature throws us a bone.  It can be a drastic Wintertime, or it can be a mild Wintertime. This year, it is of the mild type. Both of us have only had a few days when we thought it was really freezing enough to need the extra heating. Our uneven temperatures have stayed in the forties, which isn’t what we really like, because it is rough for the ski resorts.  Fortunately, when we look at the heating situation, it is excellent. Both of us haven’t need to refill our oil tank yet, which is great, despite the fact that I do miss the snow. I’m just hoping that we don’t wake up in the next couple of weeks, and find a foot of snow that lasts well into the Springtime. We’ll be scrambling to get more wood in to keep the fireplace running for the remainder of the Wintertime season.