I always wanted a gorgeous home

It was love at first walk through when my wife and I I bought our little Tuscan villa.  Then this place has fallen into disrepair over the years, but every one of us knew this was a hidden gem. The two of us could see the potential right from the get go… Our real estate agent laughed! She didn’t even have to try as well as sell us on the past, as we could tell she had with so numerous other clients in the past… Then see, this Tuscan villa has been on the market as well as vacant for over more than four years. No one wanted to bother with a beach home that was fixer-upper; they just wanted an easy move. But this place was special; my wife and I knew it was the right fit for us. Three years later, my wife and I are just finishing the final restorations as well as picking out furniture. Our years of renovation have focused not on adjusting this historic Tuscan villa, but restoring it to its former glory. So, it’s important to us that the furniture reflects this charm. Unfortunately, finding furniture that fits the true Tuscan vibe of this town home is not an easy task. My wife was the one who had the perfect plan of going to a custom built furniture dealer. The two of us called as well as they were happy to help us make an appointment with one of their furniture designers! Unlike the people at the retail stores, these custom furniture crafters knew exactly what my wife and I needed. For more inspiration, they even had photos of historical homes just like ours! It’s going to take months to complete to fully furnish the Tuscan villa, but the end result will be worth it.

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