Having my friends over

I know that if you are going to live in the Tampa Bay, FL area, then you should easily consider moving into the Feather Sound, FL community… In my opinion, Feather Sound, FL, is entirely the number one venue to live in the entire greater Tampa Bay area. Feather Sound, FL is a little suburb of Tampa and it only has a little over 3,500 residents. It’s incredibly small and kind of quaint, although I know that the quality of life there is easily the best in the area! Most residents own their own properties, and there are a good amount of young professionals residing there who love to commute into the city of Tampa Bay for work inside the week… Most of the people residing in the Feather Sound suburb of Tampa lean toward being conservative politically, and that’s honestly another thing that I can appreciate about the area, since I’m legitimately conservative too! Public schools in the area are considered to be way above the average as far as public schools go, and crime is seriously low. The only thing that you might not really appreciate about Feather Sound is the fact that there is legitimately little night life there. So if you’re someone who prefers to go out drinking and having parties all the time at night, you might want to look into residing somewhere closer to the city of Tampa Bay and stay away from these little outskirt suburbs similar to Feather Sound, FL. If you’re a rather crazy partier, we honestly don’t want you residing close to us anyway! Every one of us truly enjoy our quiet suburb of Tampa. If you are looking for excitement and action, it’s a very short distance to Tampa Bay!

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