A great place to be

When my husband told me that he booked a holiday for us for our anniversary, I was incredibly happy! I thought that we’d be going on a cruise or to a thrilling mountain cottage for a romantic getaway. When he got around to telling me that he had booked us for a month long stay in Tampa Bay, Florida, I must say that I was more than a little disappointed! I had never been to Tampa, Florida before & I had never legitimately even desired to go there, to tell you the truth. But then my husband was so enthusiastic about the trip & us flying into Tampa International Airport that I easily gave up & started doing some research. I was able to discover some legitimately fascinating outdoor things for us to do together during our stay in downtown Tampa. A few of our number one things ended up being riding the Tampa Bay Fun Boat, which is this incredible sightseeing boat that takes you all around the coastal area of Tampa Bay. It was a truly great time! Both of us also visited the Tampa Bay Big Cat Rescue, which is a zoo & wild pet rescue near the downtown area of Tampa. It was really awesome to see what the Tampa Bay Big Cat Rescue is doing with all of their animals! I love supporting any kind of wildlife rescue, so this was definitely right up my alley. Both of us also booked a charter tour at Tampa Flats & Bay Fishing Charters & we honestly had the greatest time out fishing for sea bass! My husband caught a giant fish & had his picture taken with it. I suppose that he knew what he was doing when he planned this Tampa, Florida holiday. I suppose I’ll let him do all the future planning for our trips from now on if we can continue to have such great times.

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