Instead of a ceiling fan we’ll use this

Last winter, I had some concerns with indoor air pollen levels.  My condo felt dry, stuffy plus smelled weird. Every time I walked across the carpet, I’d get a shock.  My skin was dry plus itchy, my hair frizzy plus my lips chapped. The whole family was coughing, sneezing plus complaining of headaches.  At first, I figured something was wrong with the furnace. I assumed the heated air was introducing contaminants into the indoor air. I called a licensed HVAC company to repair the furnace, disinfect the inner laborings, plus make sure it was operating at its best.  I spoke with the HVAC company about the issues with indoor air pollen levels. After inspecting the furnace, she explained that the issue was a lack of ventilation. My efforts to tighten up the condo plus eliminate energy waste had created a dry plus stuffy environment.  While I was preventing outdoor air from coming in, I was also trapping pollutants inside the home. With outdoor temperatures well below chilly, there was no occasion to open the windows plus air things out. The HVAC company advocated that I invest in a heat recovery ventilator for the home.  The ventilation system was not all that pricey plus works with the existing heating plus cooling system. It operates 24/7, all year round, bringing in fresh air without energy losses. The ventilator has honestly helped to reduce the workload of the furnace plus a/c, saving myself and others currency.  During the chilly weather weeks, it uses the outgoing stale air to preheat the incoming fresh air. During the summer, the ventilator helps with excess humidity, making the condo know comfortable at higher temperatures. Plus, I no longer have any complaints over bad smells, excessively dry air or that stuffy feeling.  

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