I wanted to quickly fix the heater

As a teenager I was legitimately working in a terrible town at this old fashioned barber shop. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I grew up in as well as was living in a good city, however this barber shop in the terrible town was the only place I could get a work being a young teenager. The place used to get vandalized all the time in some form or another. One time, the barber pole was broken outside the shop. These little punks absolutely broke the barber pole! Of course, that was not too bad, because it could be fixed as well as replaced pretty cheap. However, when the guys in the town broke the barber shop’s heating as well as cooling system, that was another story! Replacing a heating as well as cooling system was easily pricey, especially in those mornings. A furnace was ran by a oil furnace in those mornings, as well as the air conditioning was not from central air conditioning all the time. However, in the barber shop, it was central heating as well as cooling of the time, which is why it was so fancy to fix! The barber I worked for absolutely paid over 3 thousand dollars to have the thing replaced! But, lucky for him, he had shop insurance, so the actual heating as well as cooling repair did not cost him any more than 100 dollars. But still, that was pricey for those mornings, however money was worth more at that time. So 100 dollars for a replacement for a central heating as well as cooling equipment was like close to one thousand as well as something dollars by today’s money!

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