I better fix that

Last warm season, I went on a vacation that I thought was going to be amazing. I rented a little house that was undoubtedly close to the beach. It was late November, so it was the hottest week of the year. I was entirely looking forward to it, plus it was the first time i used AirBnb. Well, I did not realize that some houses do not have air conditioner. Because I live in the southeastern United States, I was unaware that there are other places in the world that do not all necessarily have heating plus cooling systems in their homes. Well, lo plus behold, when I arrived at our little rented house, all set for a glorious time away from the stress of life, I discovered that numerous places do not have Heating plus Air Conditioning. I rented a single of those places. Instead of being able to see the sites plus come back to a nice cool house, I was stuck coming back to a house that felt care about a gas furnace. They house did come with ceiling fans plus a couple of box fans, however that is all. The ceiling fans moved so slowly that they were no help at all. Thankfully, there was a swimming pool. I spent the majority of our time in that swimming pool. Often, I would get out of the pool plus rest under the ceiling fan while I was still soaking wet. That was the only way I could stay comfortable without air conditioning. Both of us are absolutely spoiled here in the southeastern United States. I learned a little bit about other places while in our vacation last warm season. Next time, I will ask if there is air conditioning before I rent a place!

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