We are on top of the temperature control

I have to say that I am really feeling good today! So good, that I really feel like singing a song! You know, one of those wordless “la la la, ba ba ba” songs from the 1960’s that made no sense. Why do I feel this way you may ask? Well, it is because today I became a certified heating and cooling specialist after working so hard at it for the past two years! I went to HVAC specialist school, and the first time, i had to quit early because of a family emergency. Then, the second time I actually failed my test for my HVAC certification. Then, on the third try, which ended today, I finally and truly passed and got my heating and cooling specialist certification! I am so proud of myself. I also just got hired by the local heating and cooling company here in town. They already sort of pre-hired me. All I had to do was get the certification, and I was on the job! Tomorrow I start, and I can not wait to see what kind of work I have on my schedule. It will be a great feeling to fix everyone’s broken down heaters, air conditioners, furnaces and even eventually get to do huge jobs, like installing radiant heated floors in people’s homes. Becoming a certified heating and cooling specialist has been a dream of mine for several years now. I thought I would never get there. But finally, after much work, I now have! They say the third time is a charm. I guess for sure in my case, it really and truly is!

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