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We wanted to incorporate efficiency and technology into our new living space so when we decided to pull up the flooring, we had to give radiant heat our consideration. The actual switch from a forced air system to a radiant system was a complex, but not as expensive as we had expected. Radiant heat comes from a pipe systems installed just beneath the floorboards. Hot water generated from a boiler houses in our basement, distributes the water through the pipe system. The house is evenly heated and the heat is gradual so there are no cold spots anywhere. The heated flooring is also quite comfortable to walk on in bare feet even on the coldest of days. Because we’ve eliminated force air, we are no longer bothered by dust, allergens, or contaminants often associated with air ducts. One of the best features is that there are no unsightly heating units visible in our decorated living space. There are no unmovable fixtures to work around when moving furniture. Our living aesthetic is preserved and so is our budget. Because the radiant system has cut our utility bills by nearly forty percent, it will pay for itself in less than 5 years. We can sleep soundly without the thought of high electric bills. We can also sleep soundly because the radiant heat system makes no noise. It is absolutely silent. Our home is cleaner and quieter and more comfortable. We can even program individual zones to personal preferences based on our needs and the time of year. Installing the radiant heating program was a worthwhile improvement that adds value to our home and our lives.

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