I am a bit annoyed by that

My parents never lived costly.  They raised my siblings plus me to be pretty simple.  The two of us were never technology crazed. Rather, we appreciated playing outdoors plus spending time together.  Our home was never costly either. The two of us had simple appliances that got the job done. During the Summertime, we didn’t have central cooling systems that kept us cool. Rather, each bedroom has a small air conditioning window component to keep us cool at night.  The two of us were always cool at night, however during the morning, we appreciated the Summer heat. The two of us spent the Summers running around our backyard plus enjoying the sunshine. The lack of air conditioning on the first floor of the home never bothered me until I was a bit older.  Luckily, this was around the time that my dad decided to make a cooling idea replace, and two of the window units weren’t entirely working any more. He decided that it made more sense to invest in an replace rather than replace these more than one units. He installed central cooling throughout the entire house.  This was such an exciting moment for us as kids. My mom was especially glad because this kept her cool while she was cooking in the dining room. She was used to dripping with sweat uncomfortably while cooking, however this replace changed that for her. When the replace was first complete, my siblings plus I spent more time indoors than usual.  The two of us were entirely excited to enjoy the cool air. My dad was frustrated by this because he wanted us playing outside plus enjoying the sun. However, the excitement wore off plus we were back to our regular long days playing outside. Regardless, we were still genuinely thankful for this replace.

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