We are splitting the cost

When I first started attending college, I moved in with some roommates. We had this fairly ancient household, but the rent was a bit expensive. It was no wonder we all needed roommates to afford to stay in such a place. Well, we had one of those oil furnaces and no air conditioning to speak of. When we were approaching the winter months, I didn’t realize that the oil had run out for the oil furnace. Evidently, the cost to refill the oil was outrageous and we couldn’t afford that. Everybody instead got their own portable heater units. We lived in a region where it didn’t snow all that often and it didn’t become brutally cold, but definitely cold enough to need some sort of heating. I was the only one left without any sort of heating unit because I couldn’t afford it. I told my parents about the situation and my father said he would pay to have the oil filled for the heating system if I promised to pay him back. I was getting so cold and when I seen the electric bill the following month, I knew we couldn’t afford to use those space heating units. I had to hang out in my roommate’s room just to keep warm, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t benefitting from the heating, so we all had to pay for the pricey bill evenly. When my father had the HVAC company refill the oil, everybody was so relieved when we were able to turn on the actual heat. It was a lot safer this way and more energy efficient than space heaters. Not to mention the hot water was back because we needed the oil to heat the water. So everything was good again and I talked all my roommates into paying my father back a little bit at a time. We all split the cost equally.

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