Scrubbing our duct system

Living in the Northern area of the country, the dryness can be hard on the air quality of a home. A lot of dust and debris and occur.  Often, that stuff ends up in the atmosphere of my house. The heat is never turned on however the HVAC cooling component runs all the time.  I joined a plan that was given to by our local HVAC. A business comes out every 6 to 8 months to inspect the entire HVAC system. Not only does the HVAC tech inspect the heating plus cooling system, he makes re-adjustments for no fee as well.  Preventive service is key to the long life on any HVAC unit. While the heating plus cooling tech was at my house, I asked for some straight-forward ideas to improve the air quality. The HVAC tech first recommended that I buy a quality air filter plus change the filter biweekly.  He also told me that I should have my air ducts thoroughly cleaned by a professional for the best results. My air ducts are over numerous years old. The HVAC guy informed myself and others that there could be gaps plus sags in the plan that is letting in unfiltered air. Additionally, those gaps and sags are leaking the heated or cooled air leading to the cold air leaking out.  It was recommended that I consider using a UV light component to kill contaminants entering the HVAC system. I was astonished by that idea plus plan to surf the internet on the UV light products. Finally, he noted that I Have no plants whatsoever inside my house. I have not once been a plant or kind of flower guy, so I never thought it would be weird or strange to own plants. The HVAC technician told myself and others that introducing succulent plants to a residing area will add to the air quality.  I am now guarded with some fantastic options for keeping my air clean and fresh.

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