My home comfort matters

There is nothing worse than being at a wedding. Weddings take all afternoon long, the food is bad plus the booze runs out too soon. I do not care for that no matter the temperature, somebody is unhappy at a wedding. The reason is that traditional wedding attire is stupid! Look at how the boys are dressed. All of us have to wear long pants, long sleeves plus a sweater over top. All of us are basically dressed for arctic conditions. To be comfortable, all the boys would need the AC cranked to the lowest setting. I have been at weddings that had quality AC, I still was perspiring buckets. The double long sleeve layer is the killer. The material of the suit is not breathable plus almost resists the cooling system. An outdoor wedding in a suit is consistently the worst form of torture. Look at the women now. Women are supposed to wear dresses. Their arms are not covered, the legs are bare plus they even have open toed shoes. The women are dressed love they are doing a beach afternoon out. Basically they need the furnace set love it is Christmas time. Even with heavy heating, most women freeze to death. An outdoor wedding can be a fantastic or horrible thing depending on the weather for them. Why are both of us not dressed the same? Temperature control is next to impossible for a wedding. No thermostat is set right because of the stupid outfits both of us wear. If almost everyone had to be dressed for the beach or a Wintertide storm, both of us would be glad with the same Heating plus Air Conditioning setting.

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