I have an issue with my home

Hints of Wintertime are slowly arriving day by day.  The warm weather of Autumn is slowly becoming like a cold bite.  I live in the east part of America. I am grateful for where I live although I simply hate when it becomes Wintertime.  I can barely tolerate the cold. I can even have fun in the snow as well as inclement weather. But, the heating bills aggravate me every other week.  I will not let it happen again this year. I’m being productive more than ever and our local Heating and Air Conditioning company has given me several good efficiency advice to help save on a tight budget.  The heating and cooling supplier came out to check our furnace as he does so about once a year. His ideas has got me feeling excited about saving on the energy bill for once. First, I’m going to seal this house inside and out!  I will have a bunch of weatherproofing foam and put it around all the doors and window. This certain foam will help seal any hidden crack or gaps. I will then silicone any gaps or cracks that I will find when searching if there are any visible.  The Heating and Air Conditioning guy even advised sealing around all the light fixtures that are located on the ceiling. I would of never thought of that in a million years. I plan to go up in the attic as well as seal every flue, and also the chimney.  Then lastly, it will be the last thing to do, get onto the roof to officially seal those things from the outside. Another smart suggestion from my Heating as well as Air Conditioning guy threw me off. He told me to go to the local convenience store and buy a backdraft damper.  I didn’t know what that was, this was an easily new concept for me. A backdraft damper fits on the outside vent for the dryer. The damper only allows air to flow out and won’t allow cold air in. Additionally, the Heating and Air Conditioning guy will check our ducts regularly a few times a year to be sure there aren’t gaps, cracks, or leaks.  I have confidence I will be ready to face a December utility bill. This is something that I’ve never said in my life before.