I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome

Those cable shows that display all the nice houses where rich people live, are my favorite.  I often dream about being rich like that. I would have a immense mansion near the beach! Of course with such a lavish house, I would have to have a lavish oil furnace as well! I would have radiant heated floors all throughout the place with a fireplace in each room! I would have a butler as well as a maid just like the rich people do on the TV. I imagine the energy costs wouldn’t even be that overwhelming because of how efficient radiant heated floors are.       

               It’s the perfect type of oil furnace for any house due to the heat slowly rises up and evenly heating every surface in the house, not to mention with toasty feet. You just feel warmer overall and you don’t have to worry about drafts in the house as with a central air system. I would have a nice indoor pool and even a cinema! I know I would love to have one of those old time snacks machines and the most comfortable chairs available.

            I would want the chairs to have a heating choice also, so if you ever felt a bit cold, you could switch the heating on and the seat would warm you up while you’re enjoying some good films or cable shows. I absolutely will never have anything nearly so lavish in life, although I can always dream about it! One thing that I will absolutely get in the future, no matter where I live, will be the radiant heated floors!

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