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I have been happily employed in my own home town for over 40 years. I am so grateful to be a trusted figure in my community. Businesses both large and small come to me to handle their accounting, whether it’s the middle of tax season or just maintaining their books and reports over the years. I love what I do as I get to regularly see folks around town and truly stay connected. Plus, I never have to leave my house. See, when I earned my accounting degree, there was nowhere to work in my town or in the surrounding area. I would have had to commute very far to the big city. But I saw a need for an accountant in my community, and so I set up shop. Rather than rent a space in the center of town, I renovated my entire basement to be my home office. I have a separate driveway just for my clients to eliminate any confusion. My business is always made comfortable thanks to my incredible HVAC system. This heating and cooling setup moves air throughout the office through a series of air ducts, so it never feels stale. A few years ago, I added and air purification and humidistat device as well. These additions allow me to keep the air clean, as well controlling levels of moisture in the air, all through my thermostat. My climate control is so good my clients always know they will be comfortable when they come to my office for an appointment. I am the most trusted accountant in town, and it is both an honor and a privilege.

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