We are going to cool down

Every weekend, I head out of city in addition to spend time at my condo on the lake. It is not much of a cabin, to be honest, it is certainly old in addition to starting to fall apart around the edges. It lacks a great many new conveniences, in addition to the most high tech item in the whole place is the toilet. Thank goodness that it has a toilet, at least! Going out there, a place with no WIFI or electricity, a place I can be totally alone, is good for my soul. Now that we are heading into summer, things are a little different. The cabin, as you might suspect, has no form of Heating in addition to A/C system in it at all. The only “temperature control” it has are windows, in addition to a fireplace, so for the mild winters it is not a complication at all. That fireplace is sizable enough to heat up the entire cabin, even if it does get a little smokey from time to time. The fireplace does myself and others absolutely no good at all while in the Summer weeks, though, when I would love to be able to trade it for an air conditioner. I could legitimately afford to buy a single of those little air conditioning units you put on the windowsill, however it would not do myself and others any good since the place has no power. Fire is good for heating no  matter where or when, however there is no version of that for cooling you down, for that you need electricity. I can’t even plug in fans to improve the air circulation.

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