That clog is an issue

There are loud, angry and sloppy drunks. I am an overconfident drunk. I usually tackle a big home project when I am hammered. I tried setting up drywall wasted before. I did some after midnight gardening before too. The most recent drunk task will end up costing me a ton to fix it. For a long time I had been noticing how dirty my fan blades were on the cooling system. I knew that the blades needed a good scrubbing. Everything I read online said about how sensitive the blades are. It is easy to bend and damage the blades. Once they are wrecked, you can’t just replace the blade. The entire fan on the AC component would need to be replaced. This would be a major AC repair and would require a HVAC contractor to do the work. So, I was a bit hesitant to clean the AC system out. Well, not when I was drunk. I came back from the bars at night and decided that it was the night to clean the fan blades. I got all sorts of cleaning supplies and really rubbed the grime off them. The blades practically shone with how clean they were. I then retired for the night. When I woke up hungover, I immediately went over to my AC unit and was devastated. Yeah, the blades were super clean, but were bent in every direction. I know I need to get a new fan now. I just can’t make myself take the plunge and admit how stupid my drunk AC repair was.

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