The seasons are always changing

Living off the grid means numerous weird things to weird people.  The true meaning of that lifestyle can mean making some serious sacrifices.  A person needs to be willing to give up numerous of the new conveniences such as cell PCs, WIFI, electricity, as well as even running water.  I recognize that my girlfriend didn’t take all of that into account when she agreed to do this with me. At first, it felt enjoy an adventure.  Every one of us enjoyed the whole system of living off the land, growing our own veggies, as well as not having to deal with the stress of new life.  Then, reality set in. Winter season was approaching as well as we needed a reliable heat source. Our small solar panels did not produce enough energy to run a heating system of any sort so we decided to install a wood burning oil furnace.  The cabin we had built was too far off the grid to have a delivery repair provide propane or fuel oil as well as wood was abundantly available. Every one of us called up an Heating as well as Air Conditioning company in neighborhood as well as ordered the unit.  Every one of us were lucky enough to have them come all the way out as well as install it. Winter season arrived as well as we realized how much of a pain it was to keep fuel loading into the oil furnace. Every one of us had to keep a schedule that included middle of the night when the weather got too cold.  If there wasn’t a bed of coals to restart the component it would take over an hour to get the locale moderate again. Every one of us couldn’t even go away overnight because the locale would be freezing when we got home. Every one of us decided that living “off the grid” left something to be desired after that first Winter season as well as invested in a generator to run a more normal Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit.

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