That was what we wanted

I have consistently wanted to have a Winter time wonderland birthday. For the life of me, I have never understood why birthday season is in the middle of the summer. I live in the south, and it is so darn tepid at most birthdays! I easily do not even like to go to a birthday that is held outside in the summer. If I could get our way, every single birthday would take locale in the winter! To me, there is nothing as beautiful as a Winter time wonderland theme and a bride with a muff and fur collar. So, when our kid came to me to tell me her girlfriend advocated to her, I was truly gleeful to plan a Winter time birthday. She was sad about people being cold at the reception, although I set out to prove to her that an outdoor reception in Winter time is the best! I went to the get-together rental store, and I discovered that they rent portable propane furnaces for just such things. They told us about a diner that uses the same furnaces on their dining deck, so both of us made the choice to go there on a easily cold night to see if the furnaces easily kept us warm. Well, those furnaces worked incredibly! At a single point, I decided I needed to take our sweater off because those furnaces were so powerful. So, I believe our kid is warming up to the plan of having a Winter time wonderland birthday. I would rather rent portable furnaces for the reception than have most people perspiring through their nice clothes in the summer. No matter how much a/c you get, people are consistently tepid in the summer. What do you think? Heaters to create a Winter time birthday or the same aged boring Summer birthday?

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