I did switch my strategy

A few years ago, myself and others and our spouse saved up enough currency to go on an RV adventure across the US. All of us were a newlywed couple back then, and wanted to have 1 big adventure before settling down and starting a family. Our RV was like a mobile palace to us. Sure, it was not the biggest nor the most high-priced RV out there, however it wasn’t cheap either. All of us had everything the two of us could possibly need, from a decent-sized master dining room, to a bathroom, family roomette, family room, and a room with an additional numerous bunks.All of us had a couple flat screen TVs, numerous ipads, and a stereo too. But what brought the comfort all together for us was the incredible Heating and Air Conditioning system installed in the RV. I couldn’t believe how perfect the temperature was in the RV no matter what the climate was outside, and the two of us traveled this country from east to west! Whether the two of us were up in a freezing mountain region or down on the sunny shores of the coast, walking into the RV was like walking into a whole bizarre dimension that kept you nice and cool or hot and toasty as needed.This way the two of us got to like the beauty of this country separate from having to tough it out in the elements.The climate control was so good in that RV that the two of us were very reluctant when it came time to return home. All of us felt that if the two of us could live like this, then it would be okay with us. Nevertheless, our funds were running low and it was time the drive our mobile palace back home!

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